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June 11, 2010




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June 6, 2010

Thank you punchstock.

In my vague attempts to connect myself back to this ridiculous idea of blog, I stumbled upon this link where there’s a story about how tired and old Italy is.  According to Luis Chilavert, former Paraguay netminder, Paraguay is the favourite in Group F for this reason.  I’ve been reading this idea “a lot” in my internet travels re: world cup (I don’t travel much on the internet, ergo the low frequency of posts), that the Azzurri are our elders, so I thought to myself, “hey, you’re almost an accountant, surely you can crunch the numbers and find the average ages for the WC teams,” then my more dominant skill of being lazy kicked in and I figured someone else had done this.  Of course they have.

I did add up 32 numbers and divide them by 32 to calculate for you and for me the average age of the world cup squad member, across all teams. He is 26.975.  Italy weighs in at 28.2, or one 31-day month and six days older than Paraguay.  Ghana is the baby of the tourney at 24.1, and our olde England are the real geezers at 28.7  I am 0.3543 of a century.

Lifted directly and shamelessly from the original World Cup Blog (or so I figure given its url

Group A

France: 27.4
Mexico: 27.1
South Africa: 26.9
Uruguay: 26.7

Group B

Argentina: 27.1
Greece: 27.7
Nigeria: 27.7
South Korea: 27.1

Group C

Algeria: 27.2
England: 28.7
Slovenia: 26.7
USA: 26.9

Group D

Australia: 28.4
Germany: 25.0
Ghana: 24.1
Serbia: 26.0

Group E

Cameroon: 25.2
Denmark: 27.7
Japan: 27.8
Netherlands: 27.7

Group F

Italy: 28.2
New Zealand: 27.3
Slovakia: 26.1

Group G

Brazil: 28.6
Ivory Coast: 26.7
North Korea: 24.8
Portugal: 27.7

Group H

Chile: 25.9
Honduras: 28.1
Spain: 25.9
Switzerland: 26.7