Day 12 out of 30

I’m nearly half done 6:30am yoga boot camp and am wondering how I’m going to replace/if I’m going to replace this early morning activity.

My pre-6:30am-yoga-bootcamp fitness schedule involved 2X a week spin class, 3X a week barbell class, and about 2 mokshas. This pace over the last number of months has resulted in injury, back pain, and general gym obsession. For various reasons (schedule, injury, energy) my gym action has ground to a halt this past month. I’m enjoying this more moderate pace, but think the only reason my metabolism has maintained itself (ie – no drastic weight gain even though I’ve done virtually no cardio all November) is because I’m revving it up at ridiculous-o’clock.

This yoga thing wraps Dec 17. I figure because my schedule will be pretty forgiving, I’ll do a combined gym/moksha through to the end of 2010, but what will 2011 look like?  Will my body allow a return to the old routine?  Will Yoga Public ever open?  If I had my way, my body and schedule will allow for 2 yoga, 2 cardio, 2 weights per week.  not too much, not too little.  And I’m kinda liking this morning thing.  If I could gym/yoga at 7am 5 days a week and throw in a ski day on the weekend?  that’d be awesome.


November 22, 2010

Day 11 = Week 3, Day 1

This morning’s 6:30am  yoga hit the spot. After a long hard weekend, I needed a good stretch, I needed to quiet my mind, and I needed to wring myself out.

This week is a focus on the core, so we opened with some long slow core work and lots of twists. We were cued throughout class to bring tone to the tummy and to focus on the pelvic floor. As usual, we moved though two or 4  Namascar A (sun salutation through warrior 1), and two or 4 Namascar B (sun salutations starting in chair, through warriors 1, 2, 3 and triangles), all of which included some balancing. My balance wasn’t hot today so I fell out of a couple poses. and my downdogs were funny – my hands were sliding, I was stretching my mat out. I guess I wasn’t too physically grounded this morning, which isn’t surprising given I often feel a bit unstable coming out of a challenging period of work.

Week 2, Day 4.

Source Yoga shares space with Winnipeg Yoga Shala behind the Banana Boat on South Osborne. Winnipeg Yoga Shala is a centre for ashtanga yoga.  Ashtaga yoga seems to be quite the discipline – I’m familiar with the postures (ahem, asanas): vinyasas, warriors, a floor portion, wide legged forward bend, (see photo above). They offer both regular led classes as well as a Mysore program.  One of their two scheduled mysore classes runs mornings 6:30-10:15am, so they’re going while we are in our humble power yoga boot camp.

From what I can gather, Mysore is an at-your-own-pace practice, where you run through your ashtanga practice in its proper order, and the teacher keeps an eye on everyone and gives one-on-one instruction through physical adjustments and spoken instruction.  You come in any time during the set hours, and everyone is practicing at their own pace, finishing whenever they do.

I’m really intrigued by this – I like the idea of more attention when I need it and less when I don’t, but I tink part of my success in participating in any exercise is a bit about the accountability I feel when I’m doing it in a group setting…or even maybe the competition I feel when doing the same thing as others. There is also a chanting element to Mysore that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  But it’s a much more complete yoga than the pretty much just physical practice I’ve been engaging in for the past 6 years. Bikram, Moksha, the occasional power or vinyasa flow classes…not much ohm or energy talk. Could I even be trusted to show up if there’s no set start time? Maybe I’ll meditate on that tomorrow.

As far as my physical practice is going, it’s going well.  My back has felt better than it has in months (could also be due to my ban on heels, high impact cardio, and lifting weights), and my vinyasa has never been flowier – I’ve finally been able to repeatedly go from the chataranga hover to updog without my thighs touching the floor.  My tips? start with a longer plank (feet farther back, on the tips of your toes), and don’t lower as far down.  I haven’t felt this “ah ha” in yoga since I finally figured out the chataranga itself.  My back can’t do it more than 5 or 6 times before I have to modify, but that’s 5 or 6 more than last week.

sickeningly upbeat

November 17, 2010

Day 3 of week 2:

This 6:30am yoga may actually be doing something. something…i dunno…something….um….state-of-mind altering? nah, too dramatic. something “spiritual?” probably not that. Something, anyway. Maybe it’s just the all the sugar I’ve been eating. It’s been a good week. Crazy and busy, which usually causes me to be ultrastressed, cranky, impatient, and near tears. But no! I’ve been a treat to be around, I’ve been more aware, and I’ve dealt with conflict and awkward situations with honesty, perspective, and relative grace. (relative). I’ve been getting out of bed no prob, I’ve had energy all day long, and I’ve been productive at work. Mindful. that’s what I’ve been – more mindful.

And I’ve learned I can leave my mat at the studio. awesome. ohm

Mine’s Blue

November 15, 2010

Week 2

5:40 came early this morning.  I didn’t get a great sleep last night; I just couldn’t fall or stay asleep with little work troubles floating around all night. We keep our room pretty dark, and every morning seems darker and colder.  I guess that’s winter.  Last time I did something this early, it was in the spring, so every day was warmer and lighter.  That makes more sense. Once I was up, I was fine; I now have a nice little routine that has me out of the house in 20min with a hot cup of tea.  I’ve incentivized my morning with a couple new teas from Cornelia Bean – a lemon cream green and a black one that tastes like caramel.  I also have something to look forward to when the mornings do get cold…I can use my BRAND NEW REMOTE CAR STARTER!

The yoga was good – lots of slowish vinyasas, lots of transitions are getting better, though I do have to get into Up Dog a little smoother.  There were seven of us this morning, two of whom weren’t there last week – one might have been the lady who wanted some fertility chants last “boot camp” and one had the same shirt as me.   It’s still pretty intro.  but you know what isn’t intro?  Yoga Glo. It’s amazing.  A subscription is $18 a month,  and it gets you unlimited access to online classes.  all levels, all styles, all durations.  Want a 15 minute core class?  done.  90 minute hatha?  a “transitions workshop?” you can do it all.  The instructors are solid, and there are new classes and guest instructors every week. I checked it out on the weekend because apparently 5 days a week of yoga just isn’t enough.


Lest we forget

November 11, 2010

Day 4: November 11, 2010 11:00am

silence for a moment.

Appropriately, I don’t have much to say today, but I’ve committed to checking in every day as a part of this 6-week yoga boot camp in my little quest for routine and discipline. This morning was pretty effortless.  Woke up easily, no traffic, body was a bit stiff but loosened up easily.  Then even though I could have just gone right back to sleep, I didn’t.  Quickly getting cranky and needing a distraction from nothing, I came to work. In the middle of a quiet morning, I’m getting lots done but I’m generally feeling off. Rather than bask in that, I’ve done my bit – resume distraction. I’ll try to rest and relax on my day off tomorrow.

The High Road

November 10, 2010

Day 3, November 10, 8:35am

Yesterday was tough. Not the yoga itself, not the waking up or the traffic, just every single other second of the rest of my day.  It pretty much sucked.  I was irritable, dead tired, I kept tripping on things like the carpet and my feet – I even fell up the stairs and walked into door frames.  My day was absolutely not enhanced by the yoga – no new mindfulness, patience or understanding. So feeling alright about it cause I got in an early, I left work a little early and went home to nap a bit before my evening occassion that involved drinking too much wine for someone who’d be waking up at 5:40 the next morning.

This morning started the same.  BzzzzBzzzz at 5:40, out of bed by 5:43, out of the house by 6:08.  But I turned right at Mountain rather than going straight up Main.  I took the high track (if Main is the low track) and it took a few more minutes.  14 minutes, due all the lights.  Double the lights.  Salter is out of the rotation.

And yoga.  this gentle yoga is actually kinda tough, my body is telling me. My upper back, shoulders, lats, and intercostals are feeling the slow work and I’m taking this as enlightenment: you don’t have to sweat and grunt and groan to work the body.  Alright! look at me grow!

It’s cold in the room…colder than Moksha anyway, so I have socks on for some of the class, and a long-sleeve for most of it.  and a blanket on stand-by.  Today was a little more challenging…I guess it is only day 3, ease into it, Sara. A few more balancing poses (that may help the walking today), and more time in lunges and warrior 2, so maybe the legs will feel it tomorrow.

Overall, I’ve noticed my appetite spiking – I suppose getting my metabolism rolling 2.5 hours earlier than usual does that.  Like now.  Starving.  Good timing, as I’m off to Ole, the new restaurant in the Albert, for a breakfast meeting.  Though I hear the portion sizes are tiny.  More on the food later.

November 9, 2010


Day 2 Nov 9, 8:45 am.

Jesus.  The 5:40 am wake up vibration of the Bberry makes for a very long day.  too long.  We don’t need days this long.  That’s why they made sleeping. Day 2 and I was already cranky driving down to the Banana Boat (Happy Sweet 16 Kristie Z Love From Your Parents, as I know at least one of you were wondering). I tried out route 2 of 3 this morning (Main to Mayfair), and found that it takes 12 minutes – 1 minute less than Higgins to Donald. Tomorrow will be Mountain to Salter so I miss that light at Mountain at Main.

Today’s yoga was a little more stimulating than yesterday, but still too gentle for me.  I like to give’er. I suppose I can talk about coming out of the chrysalis as I emerge from the darkness through dawn to the light, but I spent more time trying to figure out exactly where in Norwood the river bank was (glistening pink with the break of day) than I did reflecting and taking this time for me. Snarkyness and gentleness aside, I am thankful Jillian isn’t a big chanter or group work girl.  It’s pretty much straight ahead breathing, stretching, and those great triceps push-ups (chaturanga, that is).  My poor injured back was a little worse today –  same stiffness at first, then pain repeat half-way through after the back bends. And the sitting was worse too.  It all relaxes and my flexibility and strength comes back within half a minute, but those first 15 or 30 seconds of spasm are pretty painful. grrr.  I hate being injured.  Ohm. Overall though, the back felt better yesterday than it has in a while.  I’ve decided to abolish heels from my wardrobe for the next while to assist in my recovery. Guess I need to go buy a few more pairs of flats.  For my health.




November 8, 2010

funny looking feet that aren't mine

In attempt to shake things up a bit, I’ve opted into 6 weeks of “yoga boot camp.” It’s a one-hour sesh, 6:30am  M-F at Source Yoga with Jillian, running until December 17.  I’ll be chronicling my experience in this space otherwise reserved for a few soccer-related posts every four years.

Day 1 Nov 8, 8:51 am.

It was a mellow opening for yoga bootcamp. (note to self: I really should get some fatigues – wonder if lululemon makes them in luon?). I had a tough time staying asleep, assuming the worst of my many tasks and meetings today, but I bounded out of bed at the crack of alarm.  5:42.  I’d gathered all my needed items last night, so it was pretty easy to maneuver myself from warm bed to cool car with lunch and change of clothes, but forgot the purse and blackberry.  Something to strive for. I was in the car by 6:05,  lying down on my mat down by the Bananaboat by 6:20, meaning I had about 8 minutes to spare. This knowledge will come in handy over the next 6 weeks, I’m sure.

Yoga itself was light and easy.  I’m a little torn – getting up that early I’d like to rock it a bit harder, but then maybe the hardest part should be the waking up. Given that I haven’t done a thing physical for about 11 days, I guess it was exactly right.  I don’t mind the slow vinyasas – requires more concentration and control than just whipping through it.  My back was stiff for the  first forward bend and upon sitting.  It’s a great location, aside from the #16 busses cruising down Osborne. The windows overlook a gentle wind in the Red River, which pretty much glistens upon sunrise, which happened while I was wide-legged forward bending.

I do like getting into the office early.  I’ve watered the plants, made coffee, drank coffee upon coffee, and finished one major task that would have otherwise taken me much longer.