November 8, 2010

funny looking feet that aren't mine

In attempt to shake things up a bit, I’ve opted into 6 weeks of “yoga boot camp.” It’s a one-hour sesh, 6:30am  M-F at Source Yoga with Jillian, running until December 17.  I’ll be chronicling my experience in this space otherwise reserved for a few soccer-related posts every four years.

Day 1 Nov 8, 8:51 am.

It was a mellow opening for yoga bootcamp. (note to self: I really should get some fatigues – wonder if lululemon makes them in luon?). I had a tough time staying asleep, assuming the worst of my many tasks and meetings today, but I bounded out of bed at the crack of alarm.  5:42.  I’d gathered all my needed items last night, so it was pretty easy to maneuver myself from warm bed to cool car with lunch and change of clothes, but forgot the purse and blackberry.  Something to strive for. I was in the car by 6:05,  lying down on my mat down by the Bananaboat by 6:20, meaning I had about 8 minutes to spare. This knowledge will come in handy over the next 6 weeks, I’m sure.

Yoga itself was light and easy.  I’m a little torn – getting up that early I’d like to rock it a bit harder, but then maybe the hardest part should be the waking up. Given that I haven’t done a thing physical for about 11 days, I guess it was exactly right.  I don’t mind the slow vinyasas – requires more concentration and control than just whipping through it.  My back was stiff for the  first forward bend and upon sitting.  It’s a great location, aside from the #16 busses cruising down Osborne. The windows overlook a gentle wind in the Red River, which pretty much glistens upon sunrise, which happened while I was wide-legged forward bending.

I do like getting into the office early.  I’ve watered the plants, made coffee, drank coffee upon coffee, and finished one major task that would have otherwise taken me much longer.


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  1. wazoowazny said

    I came here for blue-haired girls. My mistake.

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