November 9, 2010


Day 2 Nov 9, 8:45 am.

Jesus.  The 5:40 am wake up vibration of the Bberry makes for a very long day.  too long.  We don’t need days this long.  That’s why they made sleeping. Day 2 and I was already cranky driving down to the Banana Boat (Happy Sweet 16 Kristie Z Love From Your Parents, as I know at least one of you were wondering). I tried out route 2 of 3 this morning (Main to Mayfair), and found that it takes 12 minutes – 1 minute less than Higgins to Donald. Tomorrow will be Mountain to Salter so I miss that light at Mountain at Main.

Today’s yoga was a little more stimulating than yesterday, but still too gentle for me.  I like to give’er. I suppose I can talk about coming out of the chrysalis as I emerge from the darkness through dawn to the light, but I spent more time trying to figure out exactly where in Norwood the river bank was (glistening pink with the break of day) than I did reflecting and taking this time for me. Snarkyness and gentleness aside, I am thankful Jillian isn’t a big chanter or group work girl.  It’s pretty much straight ahead breathing, stretching, and those great triceps push-ups (chaturanga, that is).  My poor injured back was a little worse today –  same stiffness at first, then pain repeat half-way through after the back bends. And the sitting was worse too.  It all relaxes and my flexibility and strength comes back within half a minute, but those first 15 or 30 seconds of spasm are pretty painful. grrr.  I hate being injured.  Ohm. Overall though, the back felt better yesterday than it has in a while.  I’ve decided to abolish heels from my wardrobe for the next while to assist in my recovery. Guess I need to go buy a few more pairs of flats.  For my health.




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  1. melanie bernadsky said

    I love the traffic talk. And I agree, I think its less about the exercise and more about all the work around getting there.

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