The High Road

November 10, 2010

Day 3, November 10, 8:35am

Yesterday was tough. Not the yoga itself, not the waking up or the traffic, just every single other second of the rest of my day.  It pretty much sucked.  I was irritable, dead tired, I kept tripping on things like the carpet and my feet – I even fell up the stairs and walked into door frames.  My day was absolutely not enhanced by the yoga – no new mindfulness, patience or understanding. So feeling alright about it cause I got in an early, I left work a little early and went home to nap a bit before my evening occassion that involved drinking too much wine for someone who’d be waking up at 5:40 the next morning.

This morning started the same.  BzzzzBzzzz at 5:40, out of bed by 5:43, out of the house by 6:08.  But I turned right at Mountain rather than going straight up Main.  I took the high track (if Main is the low track) and it took a few more minutes.  14 minutes, due all the lights.  Double the lights.  Salter is out of the rotation.

And yoga.  this gentle yoga is actually kinda tough, my body is telling me. My upper back, shoulders, lats, and intercostals are feeling the slow work and I’m taking this as enlightenment: you don’t have to sweat and grunt and groan to work the body.  Alright! look at me grow!

It’s cold in the room…colder than Moksha anyway, so I have socks on for some of the class, and a long-sleeve for most of it.  and a blanket on stand-by.  Today was a little more challenging…I guess it is only day 3, ease into it, Sara. A few more balancing poses (that may help the walking today), and more time in lunges and warrior 2, so maybe the legs will feel it tomorrow.

Overall, I’ve noticed my appetite spiking – I suppose getting my metabolism rolling 2.5 hours earlier than usual does that.  Like now.  Starving.  Good timing, as I’m off to Ole, the new restaurant in the Albert, for a breakfast meeting.  Though I hear the portion sizes are tiny.  More on the food later.


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