Mine’s Blue

November 15, 2010

Week 2

5:40 came early this morning.  I didn’t get a great sleep last night; I just couldn’t fall or stay asleep with little work troubles floating around all night. We keep our room pretty dark, and every morning seems darker and colder.  I guess that’s winter.  Last time I did something this early, it was in the spring, so every day was warmer and lighter.  That makes more sense. Once I was up, I was fine; I now have a nice little routine that has me out of the house in 20min with a hot cup of tea.  I’ve incentivized my morning with a couple new teas from Cornelia Bean – a lemon cream green and a black one that tastes like caramel.  I also have something to look forward to when the mornings do get cold…I can use my BRAND NEW REMOTE CAR STARTER!

The yoga was good – lots of slowish vinyasas, lots of twists..my transitions are getting better, though I do have to get into Up Dog a little smoother.  There were seven of us this morning, two of whom weren’t there last week – one might have been the lady who wanted some fertility chants last “boot camp” and one had the same shirt as me.   It’s still pretty intro.  but you know what isn’t intro?  Yoga Glo. It’s amazing.  A subscription is $18 a month,  and it gets you unlimited access to online classes.  all levels, all styles, all durations.  Want a 15 minute core class?  done.  90 minute hatha?  a “transitions workshop?” you can do it all.  The instructors are solid, and there are new classes and guest instructors every week. I checked it out on the weekend because apparently 5 days a week of yoga just isn’t enough.



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