sickeningly upbeat

November 17, 2010

Day 3 of week 2:

This 6:30am yoga may actually be doing something. something…i dunno…something….um….state-of-mind altering? nah, too dramatic. something “spiritual?” probably not that. Something, anyway. Maybe it’s just the all the sugar I’ve been eating. It’s been a good week. Crazy and busy, which usually causes me to be ultrastressed, cranky, impatient, and near tears. But no! I’ve been a treat to be around, I’ve been more aware, and I’ve dealt with conflict and awkward situations with honesty, perspective, and relative grace. (relative). I’ve been getting out of bed no prob, I’ve had energy all day long, and I’ve been productive at work. Mindful. that’s what I’ve been – more mindful.

And I’ve learned I can leave my mat at the studio. awesome. ohm


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