Seriously, I didn’t watch Sadie first

November 18, 2010

Week 2, Day 4.

Source Yoga shares space with Winnipeg Yoga Shala behind the Banana Boat on South Osborne. Winnipeg Yoga Shala is a centre for ashtanga yoga.  Ashtaga yoga seems to be quite the discipline – I’m familiar with the postures (ahem, asanas): vinyasas, warriors, a floor portion, wide legged forward bend, (see photo above). They offer both regular led classes as well as a Mysore program.  One of their two scheduled mysore classes runs mornings 6:30-10:15am, so they’re going while we are in our humble power yoga boot camp.

From what I can gather, Mysore is an at-your-own-pace practice, where you run through your ashtanga practice in its proper order, and the teacher keeps an eye on everyone and gives one-on-one instruction through physical adjustments and spoken instruction.  You come in any time during the set hours, and everyone is practicing at their own pace, finishing whenever they do.

I’m really intrigued by this – I like the idea of more attention when I need it and less when I don’t, but I tink part of my success in participating in any exercise is a bit about the accountability I feel when I’m doing it in a group setting…or even maybe the competition I feel when doing the same thing as others. There is also a chanting element to Mysore that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  But it’s a much more complete yoga than the pretty much just physical practice I’ve been engaging in for the past 6 years. Bikram, Moksha, the occasional power or vinyasa flow classes…not much ohm or energy talk. Could I even be trusted to show up if there’s no set start time? Maybe I’ll meditate on that tomorrow.

As far as my physical practice is going, it’s going well.  My back has felt better than it has in months (could also be due to my ban on heels, high impact cardio, and lifting weights), and my vinyasa has never been flowier – I’ve finally been able to repeatedly go from the chataranga hover to updog without my thighs touching the floor.  My tips? start with a longer plank (feet farther back, on the tips of your toes), and don’t lower as far down.  I haven’t felt this “ah ha” in yoga since I finally figured out the chataranga itself.  My back can’t do it more than 5 or 6 times before I have to modify, but that’s 5 or 6 more than last week.


One Response to “Seriously, I didn’t watch Sadie first”

  1. Katherine Kowalchuk said


    This is great. I love how you’re capturing your experience. Sounds like yoga is working for you. I’ll have to really try it. Hope you’re well.


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