November 22, 2010

Day 11 = Week 3, Day 1

This morning’s 6:30am  yoga hit the spot. After a long hard weekend, I needed a good stretch, I needed to quiet my mind, and I needed to wring myself out.

This week is a focus on the core, so we opened with some long slow core work and lots of twists. We were cued throughout class to bring tone to the tummy and to focus on the pelvic floor. As usual, we moved though two or 4  Namascar A (sun salutation through warrior 1), and two or 4 Namascar B (sun salutations starting in chair, through warriors 1, 2, 3 and triangles), all of which included some balancing. My balance wasn’t hot today so I fell out of a couple poses. and my downdogs were funny – my hands were sliding, I was stretching my mat out. I guess I wasn’t too physically grounded this morning, which isn’t surprising given I often feel a bit unstable coming out of a challenging period of work.


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  1. melanie bernadsky said

    I keep forgetting to ask if she plays music? and are you getting some good sunrises?

  2. No music, though Jillian wants to…the Yoga Shala Mysore is in the room next door, so we can’t rock out. And, the sunrises are pretty spectacular, though fewer and father between these days with the cloudy mornings and our shrinking days. how’s your pass? did you use it lots?

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