me and my first world problems

November 23, 2010


Day 12 out of 30

I’m nearly half done 6:30am yoga boot camp and am wondering how I’m going to replace/if I’m going to replace this early morning activity.

My pre-6:30am-yoga-bootcamp fitness schedule involved 2X a week spin class, 3X a week barbell class, and about 2 mokshas. This pace over the last number of months has resulted in injury, back pain, and general gym obsession. For various reasons (schedule, injury, energy) my gym action has ground to a halt this past month. I’m enjoying this more moderate pace, but think the only reason my metabolism has maintained itself (ie – no drastic weight gain even though I’ve done virtually no cardio all November) is because I’m revving it up at ridiculous-o’clock.

This yoga thing wraps Dec 17. I figure because my schedule will be pretty forgiving, I’ll do a combined gym/moksha through to the end of 2010, but what will 2011 look like?  Will my body allow a return to the old routine?  Will Yoga Public ever open?  If I had my way, my body and schedule will allow for 2 yoga, 2 cardio, 2 weights per week.  not too much, not too little.  And I’m kinda liking this morning thing.  If I could gym/yoga at 7am 5 days a week and throw in a ski day on the weekend?  that’d be awesome.


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