Day 12 out of 30

I’m nearly half done 6:30am yoga boot camp and am wondering how I’m going to replace/if I’m going to replace this early morning activity.

My pre-6:30am-yoga-bootcamp fitness schedule involved 2X a week spin class, 3X a week barbell class, and about 2 mokshas. This pace over the last number of months has resulted in injury, back pain, and general gym obsession. For various reasons (schedule, injury, energy) my gym action has ground to a halt this past month. I’m enjoying this more moderate pace, but think the only reason my metabolism has maintained itself (ie – no drastic weight gain even though I’ve done virtually no cardio all November) is because I’m revving it up at ridiculous-o’clock.

This yoga thing wraps Dec 17. I figure because my schedule will be pretty forgiving, I’ll do a combined gym/moksha through to the end of 2010, but what will 2011 look like?  Will my body allow a return to the old routine?  Will Yoga Public ever open?  If I had my way, my body and schedule will allow for 2 yoga, 2 cardio, 2 weights per week.  not too much, not too little.  And I’m kinda liking this morning thing.  If I could gym/yoga at 7am 5 days a week and throw in a ski day on the weekend?  that’d be awesome.


Week 2, Day 4.

Source Yoga shares space with Winnipeg Yoga Shala behind the Banana Boat on South Osborne. Winnipeg Yoga Shala is a centre for ashtanga yoga.  Ashtaga yoga seems to be quite the discipline – I’m familiar with the postures (ahem, asanas): vinyasas, warriors, a floor portion, wide legged forward bend, (see photo above). They offer both regular led classes as well as a Mysore program.  One of their two scheduled mysore classes runs mornings 6:30-10:15am, so they’re going while we are in our humble power yoga boot camp.

From what I can gather, Mysore is an at-your-own-pace practice, where you run through your ashtanga practice in its proper order, and the teacher keeps an eye on everyone and gives one-on-one instruction through physical adjustments and spoken instruction.  You come in any time during the set hours, and everyone is practicing at their own pace, finishing whenever they do.

I’m really intrigued by this – I like the idea of more attention when I need it and less when I don’t, but I tink part of my success in participating in any exercise is a bit about the accountability I feel when I’m doing it in a group setting…or even maybe the competition I feel when doing the same thing as others. There is also a chanting element to Mysore that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  But it’s a much more complete yoga than the pretty much just physical practice I’ve been engaging in for the past 6 years. Bikram, Moksha, the occasional power or vinyasa flow classes…not much ohm or energy talk. Could I even be trusted to show up if there’s no set start time? Maybe I’ll meditate on that tomorrow.

As far as my physical practice is going, it’s going well.  My back has felt better than it has in months (could also be due to my ban on heels, high impact cardio, and lifting weights), and my vinyasa has never been flowier – I’ve finally been able to repeatedly go from the chataranga hover to updog without my thighs touching the floor.  My tips? start with a longer plank (feet farther back, on the tips of your toes), and don’t lower as far down.  I haven’t felt this “ah ha” in yoga since I finally figured out the chataranga itself.  My back can’t do it more than 5 or 6 times before I have to modify, but that’s 5 or 6 more than last week.

sickeningly upbeat

November 17, 2010

Day 3 of week 2:

This 6:30am yoga may actually be doing something. something…i dunno…something….um….state-of-mind altering? nah, too dramatic. something “spiritual?” probably not that. Something, anyway. Maybe it’s just the all the sugar I’ve been eating. It’s been a good week. Crazy and busy, which usually causes me to be ultrastressed, cranky, impatient, and near tears. But no! I’ve been a treat to be around, I’ve been more aware, and I’ve dealt with conflict and awkward situations with honesty, perspective, and relative grace. (relative). I’ve been getting out of bed no prob, I’ve had energy all day long, and I’ve been productive at work. Mindful. that’s what I’ve been – more mindful.

And I’ve learned I can leave my mat at the studio. awesome. ohm

Mine’s Blue

November 15, 2010

Week 2

5:40 came early this morning.  I didn’t get a great sleep last night; I just couldn’t fall or stay asleep with little work troubles floating around all night. We keep our room pretty dark, and every morning seems darker and colder.  I guess that’s winter.  Last time I did something this early, it was in the spring, so every day was warmer and lighter.  That makes more sense. Once I was up, I was fine; I now have a nice little routine that has me out of the house in 20min with a hot cup of tea.  I’ve incentivized my morning with a couple new teas from Cornelia Bean – a lemon cream green and a black one that tastes like caramel.  I also have something to look forward to when the mornings do get cold…I can use my BRAND NEW REMOTE CAR STARTER!

The yoga was good – lots of slowish vinyasas, lots of transitions are getting better, though I do have to get into Up Dog a little smoother.  There were seven of us this morning, two of whom weren’t there last week – one might have been the lady who wanted some fertility chants last “boot camp” and one had the same shirt as me.   It’s still pretty intro.  but you know what isn’t intro?  Yoga Glo. It’s amazing.  A subscription is $18 a month,  and it gets you unlimited access to online classes.  all levels, all styles, all durations.  Want a 15 minute core class?  done.  90 minute hatha?  a “transitions workshop?” you can do it all.  The instructors are solid, and there are new classes and guest instructors every week. I checked it out on the weekend because apparently 5 days a week of yoga just isn’t enough.


Lest we forget

November 11, 2010

Day 4: November 11, 2010 11:00am

silence for a moment.

Appropriately, I don’t have much to say today, but I’ve committed to checking in every day as a part of this 6-week yoga boot camp in my little quest for routine and discipline. This morning was pretty effortless.  Woke up easily, no traffic, body was a bit stiff but loosened up easily.  Then even though I could have just gone right back to sleep, I didn’t.  Quickly getting cranky and needing a distraction from nothing, I came to work. In the middle of a quiet morning, I’m getting lots done but I’m generally feeling off. Rather than bask in that, I’ve done my bit – resume distraction. I’ll try to rest and relax on my day off tomorrow.

can’t type. watching.

June 11, 2010




soccer 101

Check my Work

June 6, 2010

Thank you punchstock.

In my vague attempts to connect myself back to this ridiculous idea of blog, I stumbled upon this link where there’s a story about how tired and old Italy is.  According to Luis Chilavert, former Paraguay netminder, Paraguay is the favourite in Group F for this reason.  I’ve been reading this idea “a lot” in my internet travels re: world cup (I don’t travel much on the internet, ergo the low frequency of posts), that the Azzurri are our elders, so I thought to myself, “hey, you’re almost an accountant, surely you can crunch the numbers and find the average ages for the WC teams,” then my more dominant skill of being lazy kicked in and I figured someone else had done this.  Of course they have.

I did add up 32 numbers and divide them by 32 to calculate for you and for me the average age of the world cup squad member, across all teams. He is 26.975.  Italy weighs in at 28.2, or one 31-day month and six days older than Paraguay.  Ghana is the baby of the tourney at 24.1, and our olde England are the real geezers at 28.7  I am 0.3543 of a century.

Lifted directly and shamelessly from the original World Cup Blog (or so I figure given its url

Group A

France: 27.4
Mexico: 27.1
South Africa: 26.9
Uruguay: 26.7

Group B

Argentina: 27.1
Greece: 27.7
Nigeria: 27.7
South Korea: 27.1

Group C

Algeria: 27.2
England: 28.7
Slovenia: 26.7
USA: 26.9

Group D

Australia: 28.4
Germany: 25.0
Ghana: 24.1
Serbia: 26.0

Group E

Cameroon: 25.2
Denmark: 27.7
Japan: 27.8
Netherlands: 27.7

Group F

Italy: 28.2
New Zealand: 27.3
Slovakia: 26.1

Group G

Brazil: 28.6
Ivory Coast: 26.7
North Korea: 24.8
Portugal: 27.7

Group H

Chile: 25.9
Honduras: 28.1
Spain: 25.9
Switzerland: 26.7

Jens Lehmann preceded David James as my favourite. He’s retired.  He’s 40 and was selected for three world cups.  Last time, he won 3rd on his home turf (I think that beats losing at home to be 2nd…)

I’ve been schooled

May 15, 2010

“A penalty kick (or penalty) is a type of free kick in association football, taken from twelve yards (approximately eleven metres) out from goal and with only the goalkeeper of the defending team between the penalty taker and the goal.

Penalty kicks are performed during normal play. Similar kicks are made in a penalty shootout in some tournaments to determine who progresses after a drawn match; though similar in procedure, these are technically not penalty kicks and are governed by slightly different rules.

In practice, penalties are converted to goals more often than not, even against world class goalkeepers. This means that penalty awards are often decisive, especially in low-scoring games.” (1)

free kick is used to restart play in several codes of football:

“An indirect free kick is a method of restarting play in a game of association football. Unlike a direct free kick, a goal may not be scored directly from the kick. The law was derived from the Sheffield Rules that stated that no goal could be scored from a free kick. This law was absorbed into the Laws of the Game in 1877 and later adapted to allow direct free kicks as a result of dangerous play.” (3)

“A direct free kick is a method of restarting play in a game of association football following a foul. Unlike an indirect free kick, a goal may be scored directly against the opposing side without the ball having first touched another player.”(4)


(1)    Wikipedia “Penalty Kick” accessed May 15, 2010.

(2)    Wikipedia “Free Kick” accessed May 15, 2010.

(3)    Wikipedia “Indirect Free Kick” accessed May 15, 2010.

(4)    Wikipedia “Direct Free Kick” accessed May 15, 2010.

Sunny Saturday. A special sunny Saturday in Winnipeg today – it’s give your shit away day today!  We have this every day in the North End; where you put your random unwanted items on the front boulevard with the hopes that by Sunday night someone will claim it as their own. As I was biking down neighborhood streets, there were a few near scores – Oooh, an Eames Chair?! Nope – just a piece of junk likely pilfered from nearby Luxton School.  A wagon! Yup.  But missing a wheel. Near scores. Almosts.  Like all those hit posts and over the nets that kept Chelsea at no score over Porstmouth most of today’s FA Final.

I don’t follow soccer. I pick it up for four weeks every four years, hang on lightly for another couple months, then it fades away till the next World Cup.  My picks are based on something, but rarely anything important or meaningful. A few years ago (well, 4 years ago, after my Ukraine played some nice games in 2006 in Germany) I latched on to Andriy Shevchenko as a fave.  With his move to Chelsea in two thousand something, I picked up vague interest in Chelsea. Seems Shevy’s back in the homeland with Dynamo Kiev, so my lack of support for his former team was just fine. Maybe he put a pox upon them or something, as they just couldn’t get the ball into the net. They had many chances against lucky Portsmouth, but like an A roll of bloopers, they hit post after post – it became so comical goalie Someone James was even laughing at his luck. The only goal was a beaut – though on a penalty kick – with some air, some curve, and perfect placement an inch from James’ hand just inside the net.

The FA cup was a nice warm up for my World Cup extravaganza. It takes me a long time of staring at the screen to begin to follow what’s actually going on on the pitch. It was at the 75 minute mark today when I managed to reign in my attention and open my eyes enough to see how outplayed Portsmouth was. They stayed in the game though, thanks to that David James. Seems he’ll be on Team England this June.  Hopefully by then I’ll have the ability to watch the game without my mind wandering so I can catch him and his team fend off evil and do bicycle kicks and avoid cards and stuff.